The single point of access to corporate credit data

Corporate credit is the third largest asset class in the world. It is also the most secretive

While public companies information is widely available via several points of access and in easy-to-read formats, private company data is very hard to locate, process and analyse.

Today’s manual, decentralised collection and processing of private financial data is slow and antiquated. It results in valuable data being ignored, which puts investors at risk of missing critical information.

Credit-Vision brings to the private credit markets the same level of data efficiency public market investors have long taken for granted

Credit-Vision unlocks the tremendous value of a centralised data platform servicing the entire market. It is the single repository of corporate credit data for the investor community and the only point of access lenders need to analyse private borrowers’ financials.

At the heart of Credit-Vision lies its proprietary data mapping technology

Data is identified, captured and logged securely to client accounts, making it incredibly easy for portfolio managers to access and navigate the information they need. The power of our automated technology is augmented by our team of experts in the leveraged finance and high yield markets.

Credit-Vision has been awarded a grant for technology innovation by the UK Government.

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