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Credit-Vision is a front office platform that streamlines and modernises portfolio analysis


For the first time corporate credit investors have at their fingertips all the data they need to run their portfolios


Credit-Vision harnesses and intelligently contextualizes financial data, generating actionable insights for investors

The single point of access to Corporate Credit Data

Keep your finger on the pulse of your portfolio

Our Value Proposition

Credit-Vision streamlines and modernises portfolio management by automating data extraction from issuers’ financial reports and channels financial data from a plethora of data rooms, folders and files into a single access point

A centralised data platform that automates data extraction, aggregates and contextualises data
Credit-Vision helps Portfolio Managers monitor and analyse their portfolio, assess early credit risk and capture new investment opportunities
It offers a unified view of credit quality that makes it incredibly easy to engage with your critical credit data

Our Philosophy

We embrace a holistic view of client engagements and place great emphasis on the quality of our service delivery

Trusted Partner
We understand your pain points and priorities

Our team has first hand knowledge and experience of the challenges you face, which makes us a reliable partner for your organisation.

Every part of our business revolves around creating client value

Clarity on the key success metrics and goals of our clients is what matters most to us.

Highest Standards
We never compromise on quality of delivery

We are relentless in pursuing, achieving and maintaining the highest possible standards. We take pride in consistent delivery of high quality products, services, processes and support levels.

Frictionless Implementation
We want our clients to avoid the costs, distractions and frustrations that come with a burdensome implementation process. This is why we work with you every step of the way making sure product testing, all the way through adoption, is done with limited resource-absorption.
Data Security
We know how stringent our client's data security and compliance requirements are. Credit-Vision's data management framework has been thoroughly tested and validated to assure the maximum degree of control over your sensitive data.
Easy Integration
Modern systems should easily communicate with one another. Which is why Credit-Vision has interconnectivity at its core. The platform integrates with all your existing systems and data providers, and this way it augments the value it brings to your organisation.
Customer Support
At Credit-Vision, we believe everyone has a client facing role. This philosophy not only drives product development and service delivery around client needs but it also elevates our responsibility to offer you excellent support. As leveraged finance insiders ourselves, we have it in our very own DNA to respond urgently and skilfully to client requests.

CV in action

Credit-Vision enables managers to delve into portfolio and company data in a fluid and engaging manner, delivering actionable insights. It provides clear, granular information for each borrower (as reported and standardised). Financial statements are available at the client's fingertips on a quarterly or monthly basis. Users can also visualise budgets and actual performance vs. budget across different periods on one single screen for easier comparability.

Debt breakdown and leverage ratios are available in a clear and engaging interface. The user can immediately identify trends; deterioration of leverage ratios, reducing headrooms, and better anticipate credit events, such as: a covenant breach or a default on an interest payment.

Borrowers’ entire management commentary is published on the platform, making it easier for analysts to get an insight into management's attitude towards performance and understand the borrower's strategy in relation to operating performance.

Our platform empowers credit portfolio managers by providing the dataset and toolkit they need to monitor and analyse their portfolio, assess credit risk early and capture new market opportunities.

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